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A magical combination of Pie and Cake!

Your taste buds will never know what hit them.

A little about us...

Pastry Cakes were designed for the pie and cake lover in all of us.


Our flavor combinations have been created to enhance the taste of all components that make up a Pastry Cake.


They may look like an average cupcake, but when you bite into a Pastry Cake your taste buds will explode!

For all the special occasions, or events in your life, we have the perfect dessert for you.

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Pastry Cakes Flavors

Pastry Cakes Pricing

Mini (two bites)               $3.50

Medium (3")                     $4.50

(You can share, but who wants to!)

1 dozen minimum per flavor

All pricing is before sales tax

Fruit Lovers


Cherry pie, white cake, vanilla buttercream frosting


Raspberry pie, white cake, vanilla buttercream frosting


Blueberry pie, white cake, vanilla buttercream frosting


Strawberry pie, white cake, vanilla buttercream frosting

Chocolate Lovers

Choco-Covered Strawberry

Strawberry pie, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting

Choco-Covered Raspberry

Raspberry pie, chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting

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Important information to know when placing an order for Pastry Cakes.

All flavor combinations have been designed to complement each flavor of a Pastry Cake.

No substitutions allowed. 

24 hour notice required.